Eco-friendly Company

Mastermind Builders is an Eco-Friendly construction company. Sustainable construction practices have become more common in the construction industry. Contractors and consumers are more aware about energy efficiency. Federal, State, and Local code enforcements have implemented certain standards so that we are all saving our consumption and living in a healthier environment.
Mastermind Builders is progressively thinking to do our part in the environment by being conservative such as when we do demolition, we separate our waste to recycling centers such as concrete, metals, green wood waste. We do our part in using recycled materials for construction. We install energy efficient products such as tank-less water heaters, low-flush toilets, proper R-value insulations, efficient lighting products such as LED and fluorescent bulbs, motion detection lighting, low-E windows, solar tubes, skylights, and many other products that help save energy.
We will strive to familiarize with technological advances in smart home building.
We will use and explain to our clients about green building materials that offer specific benefits to the building owner and building occupants:
Reduced maintenance/replacement costs over the life of the building
Energy conservation
Improved occupant health and productivity
Lower costs associated with changing space configurations
Greater design flexibility